Forests have an ancient and mysterious charm that keeps us all coming back, whether we're photographers looking for the perfect shot or just travelers and weekenders. An expansive, natural and healthy forest is like a cathedral erected to the glory of nature, which is probably why we find these photos to be so stunning.

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Luckily for those of us stuck in the city, talented photographers flock to forests' shaded canopies to take stunning photos like these. Kilian Schönberger and Guillermo Caballa are just a couple of talented photographers who find the forests of their countries to be endless wells of inspiration.

If you or someone you know of has some amazing photos of mysterious forests that belong in this list, please add those photos to this list! Vote for your favorites, too!

#1 Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Xiao Yang Report

EvaMarinova 3 years ago

my lovely country ... just magical :)

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#3 White Carpathians

White Carpathians

Janek Sedlar Report

EmmaArtista 3 years ago

In the shapes of the leaves, in less than a second, on the right side in the middle my granddaughter spotted the shape of a leopard.

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#4 Hallerbos, Belgium

Hallerbos, Belgium

Kilian Schönberger Report

KathyGarrido 3 years ago

Ir looks like an enchanted Forest !

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#6 Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

Otzarreta Forest, Basque Country, Spain

Javier de la Torre Report

SaidVara 3 years ago

If I were there, I would swim naked on the lake. :D

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#7 Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan, Taiwan

Chinese Hemlock Trail, Taipingshan, Taiwan

Justin Jones Report

KevinSherlock 3 years ago

Looks like Hobbitville, love it.

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#9 North Greenwich, London, England

North Greenwich, London, England

Andy Linden Report

LauraGuadarrama 3 years ago

Alice and the garden of flowers!

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#10 Misty Forest

Misty Forest

SEO Report

StefanieLangegger 3 years ago

Where's this? Stunning !

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#11 Stanton Moor, Peak District, Uk

Stanton Moor, Peak District, Uk

James Mills Report

greeneyedLady 3 years ago

Fairies and other unseen mythical creatures remaining to be unseen yet never forgotten

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#12 Italy


Leonid Litvac Report

SusanneGerull 3 years ago

Wonderful with the red/pink colour :) !

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#13 Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya, Japan

Yume Cyan Report

TomVdh 3 years ago


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#14 Haute-loire, France

Haute-loire, France

Bastien Bajduk Report

NikitaJagora 3 years ago

Looks more like a scene from Little Red Riding Hood. And if you look in the center and right, you'll see three pairs of eerie blue eyes...

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#15 Germany


Kilian Schönberger Report

AliJar-Night 3 years ago

nope i'll stay out

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