German photographer Kilian Schönberger has captured the essence of the legendary Grimm Brothers’ dark fairytales in a series of images called “Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings.” The photos capture entrancing landscapes and buildings throughout Central Europe that are at once mystical and foreboding.

I think there is a deep longing for tranquil naturalness among people in our technology-driven environment,” Schönberger (whom we’ve written about before) writes on his website. “Therefore I don’t want to show just portrayals of natural scenes – I want to create visually accessible places where the visitor can virtually put his mind at rest and make up his own stories.

Schönberger’s attention to detail, atmosphere and color becomes all the more wonderful and impressive when you learn that this experienced photographer is actually colorblind. “I recognized that I could turn this so-called disadvantage into a strength, too and developed my own unique photographic view,” he writes.

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