I’ve always been a Star Wars fan and over time I realized that certainly, I wasn’t the only one. As a photographer, I decided to explore my passion and I discovered a reality beyond my expectations: a lightsaber academy. Here students regularly train to perfect their fighting techniques to perform shows with choreographies inspired by the movies of the Saga, in wich they play characters of their creation. So I decided to create a project that I named “Star Wars: Beyond cosplaying”

I believe that the creative process of cosplaying here goes beyond the realization of the costume or the acting of a character. The generation that has always lived Star Wars as part of its life has not only decided to passively accept it but to become part of it, in this perspective, this is a photographic research that goes beyond the fact of documenting only Cosplay fans and their costumes, but part of a popular culture of the last 40 years.

More info: alevirgulto.com