This new movement has surprised me a lot. There were about 10,000 people, mostly students. The entire organization of the event was organized by young people. Most of them had signs with different slogans. They want the governments of this world to do more to protect the climate and finally classify and treat climate change as the biggest problem of our time.

Greta Thunberg started in Sweden and she also came to Hamburg for this event. I look forward to this new movement hopefully and hope it will make a difference in the future.

At the beginning of the event, there were only a few people.

I see a certain parallel here between these students and the hippies of the 60-70s. Alone in their style of clothing. Actually, these could be grandchildren of them. Maybe they are!

I noticed a lot of very young people.

The sign says: “There is no vaccine against climate change.”

The sign says: “Climate change must be stopped!”

The sign says: “Nobody has the intention to obstruct your future -Coal companies.”

Do you see a conflict of generations?

This kid is my big hero. I love him!

The sign says: “I protest for the future of my grandchild (two years old).”

When Greta arrived, she hid between people at first. The whole bustle was apparently too much for her.

There she is – Greta Thunberg!

But of course she had to go ahead.

March to the City Hall of Hamburg.

The whole group went to the Hamburg City Hall.

Some people have already expected the group.

… They came.

Many of them…

… more of them.

Some of the city politicians made photos of the group.

Greta gave a speech: “We did our homework, they did NOT!”

“We love Greta!”

The sign says: “There is no Planet “B”.”