Called ‘Frontier Friends’, I painted this mural last month, at Amural Festival, in Brasov, Romania.

The mural is part from my ‘Social Space’ series and it was created as a follow-up of the recent major discoveries:

– Hubble’s newest & deepest image of our Universe reveals that it contains at least 10 times more galaxies than previously thought;

– a planet was found in the habitable zone around the nearest star to our Solar System.

Suddenly, the Universe looks a lot more crowded.

It’s just a matter of time for us to find all the hidden friend requests within the galactic neighborhood.

Which one should we accept?

If you liked this, you can check out another mural from the series, called ‘The Message’, a 180 panoramic tribute mural for NASA’s Voyager 1 39th anniversary over here.

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Frontier Friends

Reality vs. sketch test.

There are lots of friend requests of all sizes, scattered across the mural, that you’ll get to see depending on your distance from the mural. Same as Hubble sees distant galaxies. These one are less than 1 cm each.