I am a self-taught artist born and raised in Naples, Florida focusing on Epoxy Resin, ocean-inspired paintings, and live edge tables.

I’ve been in art class since middle school and around the same time, I fell in love with the sport of kitesurfing.

Over the years, I’ve continued to practice my drawing, painting, photography and especially working in Photoshop but all of it took the second spot in my heart after kitesurfing.

The next 10 years through the end of middle school, all through high school, and what would have been my college years I persistently perused a professional career in kiting.

It took me all over the world and gave me new opportunities I would have never been able to obtain otherwise. Even though the money was nonexistent it made up with opportunities, experience, new friends around the world, and memories unmatched by any fiscal number.

In hopes of organizing a trip to Morocco with one of my favorite Red Bull photographers (final production seen here), I had to raise money for flights and logistics so I basically did a GoFundMe campaign and one of the items I was selling to raise money was a hand-painted surfboard among other things. Here is my first surfboard from  2015.

It got a lot of attention (for me) and I think 3 or 4 people wanted to buy it straight out the gate. I was in awe! It sparked a fire that has been slowly burning over the past three years, I found my new calling!

I somehow convinced my dad to join me on this project and push his talents to fiberglass. We haven’t looked back since. We take these little lifeless surfboards and give them a new purpose! We fix the dings, float out all the heel dents the best we can, and hand-brush the new wood pattern with multiple layers of oil glazes.

Each one of these surfboards has been ridden by their owners, used and abused with much love and respect, and eventually left for the trash or sold on craigslist for cash to upgrade their own quiver.

We have surfboards from Australia, Oregon, and lots from Florida! Many more countries coming soon!

The process has taken us years to perfect but we finally feel ready to show the world! Tell us what you think!

More info: Instagram | Facebook

Mango Wood

Redwood Burl with Silver Leaf Railing

Knotty Chestnut

The details

Redwood Cross Thatch


Mahgony and Gold Railing

Group shot

The Family Photo