Muses, stylized sets, workshops, education… Where one’s imagination can become reality!

Our Muse Factory studio is a fine art and fashion photography studio in San Diego, California. We specialize in elevating photographers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, and designers to their full potential.

This is the most unique studio in Southern California. Come by and visit us or join us on Facebook!

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Model : Daeg Faerch,
MUA : Meghan Prater,
Hair : Tejah Monae,
Design : Debbie Solan.

Cupid’s desire

Model :Ashley Koser,
MUA : Meghan Prater,
Design : Debbie Solan.

Bound to love you

Model : Jessica Kelley,
MUA: Mallory Albrecht,
Design : Christyl O’Flaherty.

Queen of hearts

Model: Veronica Eshelby,
MUA : Meghan Prater,
Stylized By : Christyl O’Flaherty/ Jeff Bennion.

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