A mother rabbit defending her babies from a snake was captured in this adrenaline-filled  video. Children are heard encouraging the brave rabbit in the background,  “Go, Mr. Bunny! Kill that snake!” while another shouts “Bite it! Bite it!” The video was posted online June 18th by Ramakanth Peechara; the location of the attack is unknown. David A. Steen, a snake expert, told The Dodo that the snake was a nonvenomous black rat snake.

Rabbits are prey animals, so mothers avoid spending their time close to their young other than to nurse them. A nest of baby rabbits without a mother close by does not mean that they are orphans! If you want to make sure the bunnies are OK, check them in the morning and see if they are warm and round-bellied. This means that they are being cared for and the mother is probably alive. It is a myth that rabbits will abandon their babies once humans have touched them.

More info: YouTube (h/t: dailydot, thedodo)