No, it’s not Kate Moss, but something even better. A young and daring team of architects and landscape specialists were called to change the design of an old historical building that was already a rather nice pub.

The Shift Pub is the place to be when in Bucharest and I mean it. It has some of the most amazing cocktails, the food is incredible, but by far the best part is the design that incorporates moss and clay in a way I have never seen before.

If this sounds good, just wait to see their real garden, which is even better. Make sure you taste their lemonade, as it’s the best I’ve tasted in years.

Cozy atmosphere, great design, and excellent service – if you’re interested in all that – 17, General Eremia Grigorescu street, Bucharest. Pub in your to do list right now!

More info:

The lights look just like fireflies. So cute!

See the green thing? It’s moss and it’s used in the best possible way

The inside is an extension of the outside garden

Green from the moss, brown for wood and metallic accents…just incredible

Simple, decent and cozy restaurant downtown Bucharest. Do not miss it!