“Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes.” said french poet Theophile Gautier of cats. It is hard to believe there has ever been any doubt.

Meet Molly chan, the extraordinary little Bengal and Instagram supermeowdel with the most beautiful eyes. They have been described as both sad and mesmerizing.

The selected photos have no filters and very little editing. These pawtraits, however, were not always easy to take as Molly can be very active during shoots. Getting a clear, focused shot is very exciting!

Here I have shared a few of my favourites. I’m pawsitive her sweet, soulful gaze will steal your heart. View more photos on Instagram @mollymori8.

Little day dreamer

Looking straight into your soul

What am I doing with my lives? I sometimes wonder

Feathers are fabulous, darling

Is this bowtie too loud?

Come closer and I’ll give you a kiss

Got that morning time melancholy

Purrfect symmetry. Can you see it?

Someday I will get that red dot…

Hello birdies. Can we be furriends?