Every year, the Polish police file 15,000 missing person reports. Every day, the faces of missing people gaze out from posters designed to attract our attention; yet, every passing day, they are noticed less. We become as immune to these posters, as we do to their faces. Only those who have lost someone in these circumstances can begin to imagine the pain these families are going through. Their feelings teeter between loss and hope. Often the rooms of the missing lost ones are left untouched, for several months, years, and even decades.

I traveled 7,200 km throughout the country to visit their homes. During each visit, I photographed the rooms of the missing with the permission of their families. In addition, I also photographed the portraits that remained of the missing people in a very individual and subjective way. Each intimate portrait is a metaphor to a time that stands still, and an attempt to hold on to the memory of each unique life.

This project seeks to reinvigorate the efforts to find the missing, and to create awareness of the immense pain caused by the loss of a loved one.

Robert Wojtowicz missing since: 20/01/1995

Sabina Konradt missing since: 1/08/2011

Aleksy Jakoniuk missing since: 17/06/2009

Henryk Zak missing since: 22/07/2011

Roman Widomski missing since: 1/01/2010

Konradt Piotrowski missing since: 3/10/2010

Jolanta Ciechanowicz missing since: 15/06/2002

Leszek Jankowski missing since: 10/12/2009

Katarzyna Demczuk missing since: 4/07/2010

Krzysztof Kasprzak missing since: 13/08/2003

Lukasz Sas missing since: 30/03/1999

Zbigniew Kaliciecki missing since: 12/01/2010

Marcin Przebieracz missing since: 15/06/2010