There are several things you need to be sure of when buying a new pair of boots. They need to be comfortable, they need to be durable, they need to have a little room for the toes, and they need to have soles without swastika patterns on them. Obviously. But one Reddit user called FRSHFSHFCKR clearly forgot about that last bit when buying new boots for work recently, which is why he ended up leaving swastika footprints everywhere he went.

Fortunately he noticed before anybody accused him of being a Nazi sympathizer. Still, the fact that he could so easily acquire a pair of boots featuring symbols synonymous with the Third Reich is kind of worrying. The boots, which are Polar Fox men’s military ankle boots, are available on Amazon, and while we don’t recommend that you buy them, we do however suggest checking them out if only for the funny customer comments.

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This guy was surprised to find that the boots he’d bought for work had swastikas on the soles!

The boots are Polar Fox men’s military ankle boots

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the jokes to start!