If we could only see the miniature things that make up the Universe, the world would seem so different. The microscopic world is invisible to the naked eye, but it is full of beautiful or even scary creatures. A whole new world opens through the lens of microscope and let us to give a glimpse into something we have never seen.

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Take a look at these breathtaking new worlds that only microscope photography can reveal. Submit your own pics and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!

#3 Ant Eye, Formica Sp.

Ant Eye, Formica Sp.


2 years ago


#4 Ball Point Pen

Ball Point Pen


Autumn Wagner 2 years ago

Easily my favorite of the bunch, took something incredibly common mundane and made it interesting.

#5 A Tick After A Meal

A Tick After A Meal

Eye Of Science/ SPL/ Barcroft Media Report

EllenEmpson 2 years ago

Usually found on your dogs neck, ears, checks, etc...

#8 Parasitic Wasp; Pediobius Sp. (chalcidoidea- Eulophidae)

Parasitic Wasp; Pediobius Sp. (chalcidoidea- Eulophidae)


Ema Sklepic 2 years ago

does it literally have eyes on the back of its head?? :O

#9 Amphipod In Polarized Light

Amphipod In Polarized Light


KarenGaultSkelly 2 years ago

It almost looks like an arrangement of crystals!

#12 Eye Of A Bee; Agapostemon Sp. San Diego Co. Usa

Eye Of A Bee; Agapostemon Sp. San Diego Co. Usa


EmaSklepic 2 years ago

no way :D that is awesome! when u think of the things they build in the same geometrical way ^^