The DEFINE project is a collaboration between a photographer, a clothing company, and a textiles designer who all have one thing in common – they want to end the stigma and start the conversation around mental health by showing a raw and personal side to the struggles of real people.

For the first iteration of this project, Role Models were cast from across Eastern Canada; from Toronto to Fredericton to Halifax. From over 200 submissions we narrowed it down to one brave person to represent each of the nine categories.

More info:

This is Danika

This is self harm

This is Emma E

This is addiction

This is Cassie

This is sexual assault

This is Kathleen

This is anxiety

This is Emma D

This is personality disorder

This is Lee

This is Jess

This is eating disorder

This is ADHD

This is Chelsea

This is mood disorder

This is Carlena

This is PTSD