He is big, fluffy and with his beautiful blue eyes unbelievable photogenic. Thorin is named after the king of dwarves in the hobbit films and this totally fits his character. He couldn’t be more majestic and loves to be spoiled.

When looking at his pictures, I literally hear him saying: Human, my tongue is out – put treats on it!

Just like a royal highness, he loves being photographed, e.g. as a king or Hairy Potter – he loves to show his many faces. Without costumes, he looks like a white tiger, but is so devoted and cuddly. It is not dangerous to pet him, but beware, you may fall in love with his gorgeous eyes.

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This is my majestic cat Thorin

Thorin’s tongue is incredibly long…

…and his eyes are shining blue

He is a cheeky, big ball of fluff

Have you ever seen a cat with a longer tongue?

He is the king and loves to be spoiled

Just like a royal highness, he also loves being photographed

Here he is as a Taco Cat

And here he’s pretending to be Hairy Potter

“Human, my tongue is out – put treats on it!”

Pawtying hard

Then and meow

If you’re hungry, raise your hand

Mmmmm delicious!