Say hello to Cole and Marmalade, two rescued kitties who not only entertain humans with their funny videos but also help raise awareness for cats in need.

Cole is the world’s sweetest black cat who wants to help dispel the myths surrounding black cats and make sure they get adopted too!

Marmalade’s a feisty ginger kitty… recently diagnosed with lymphoma and FIV, he’s now battling cancer and helping raise awareness at the same time!

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Cole was found at the side of a road by one of our friends when he was only around 6 weeks old, we had to bottle feed him and be his “mom”.

Cole bonded with us very closely and he loves to snuggle with his “parents.”

Cole and Marmalade quickly became best friends when we introduced them to each other

Cole & Marmalade caught in the act

Kitten to Cat

Cole was a messy eater as a kitten, but he cleaned up well!

Kitten to Cat

Marmalade is extremely cute, and has a very distinctive face, thanks to his wide set eyes and fur markings.

Marmalade was recently diagnosed with cancer, but he’s doing very well with his chemotherapy treatments

Marm stretch!

We say Cole is the “World’s Sweetest Black Cat” he really is a very affectionate cat and we feel very lucky to have him in our lives

Cat Daddy: I love nothing better than snuggling on the couch with Cole and watching a good movie with a cup of tea

Cat Selfie! This is one of my favorite pics

It was  used for one of our most popular videos: A Cat’s Guide to Loving a Human.

Marmalade discovered that the bathroom trash can be a purrfect sleeping spot!

Cat Logic: Cole’s favorite “bed” is used pizza boxes

We’re doing our best to show people that black cats are PAWSOME!

It’s so unfortunate that even today black cats are considered bad luck in many parts of the world and the last to be adopted and first to be euthanized in animal shelters.

Cole has been the purrfect big brother for Marm

Kitty TV: The boys love to look out the window and watch birds and squirrels

Cole and Marmalade show what it’s like to work with cats!

The boys demonstrate cat logic: