I travel to distance myself from the anxieties of my own familiar landscape.

New surroundings and cultures allow me to lose myself and to be immersed with the moment.

My sketchbook is my most reliable companion during travels; sketching allows me to transcend to ‘another place’ and internalizes my experiences.

Currently, I am working on publishing a book, titled ‘in-transit’ which will feature all my travel and commute sketches.

More info: cherngzhi.com | Instagram | Tumblr

Flying to Italy

Universal gesture today

Kyichu Temple

People watching in NYC

Trent Italia

Bondi beach

Thimphu, Bhutan

Boredom on SMRT

Seafood in Barcelona

Sketchbook not prohibited

Thimphu, Bhutan

Like a boss

Pergamon Museum

Fresh Produce in Bhutan

Same cabin different bodies

A stay in Ohio

Girl’s day off

Transit in Detroit

Farmland in Ohio

Postcard from Paris

Sketching the crowd in Paris

Paris in hotel

Penang Night Market

Old charm in Penang

George town, Penang

RIJKS Museum, Amsterdam

Riding the Tutu in Cambodia