I’ve curated 20 incredible artists commenting on the Golden Arches of Ronald with their unique works of agitprop.

These creators share their opinions on one of the largest & most well-recognized corporations on our planet. McDonald’s haiku: “Tasteless expansion. Oversized corporate clown. U loving it now?”

Tony Futura (Germany)

Hal Hefner (USA)

Nychos (Austria)

Ron English (USA)

Butcher Billy (Brazil)

Tik Ka (China)

Gunduz Aghayev (Azerbaijan)

Sakiroo Choi (Korea)

Catalin Lartist (Romania)

Alex Solis aka Oddworx (USA)

Denial aka Daniel Bombardier (Canada)

Ben Frost (Australia)

Kazu Livingstone (Malaysia)


Lora Zombie (Russia)

Zhang Hongtu (China)

Puck (Thailand)

Butcher Billy (Brazil)

Li Lihong (China)

Xing Junqin (China)