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Mother Strives To Capture The Magic Of Childhood With Her Photography
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Mother Strives To Capture The Magic Of Childhood With Her Photography


Love of art and love of the fantastic have defined me throughout my life. These interests consumed my childhood and teenage years: drawing, cartooning, reading and obsessing about magical lands, magical people, magical situations. They were to be hobbies, I thought, and nothing more until years later (that is, a degree in Welsh Studies, an intense interest in Art History, a move from my native home in Harvard, Massachusetts to West Wales, marriage and three children later) that my love of art and my love of fantasy met and melded together through my camera.

Like many, I suspect, my first serious interest in photography art emerged after the birth of my beautiful children and then began to flourish rapidly. My children (aged 7, 5, and 2) see magic everywhere and in everything. I realised that magic is not only found in the obvious – dragons and fairies and such – it is also found in the subtleties of our everyday. Falling snowflakes, frosty breath, the bonds of family and friends – magic is everywhere, especially when viewed through the eyes of a child. It is the wonder of childhood, the whimsy as seen through the eyes of our children, that I strive to capture in my beautiful photos. My children and the beautifully innocent way in which they see the world are my constant inspirations for new photo ideas. They show me every day that Yeats was so incredibly correct when he penned “The world is full of magic things”.

Living with my husband and our children on our dairy farm in the lush, green Welsh countryside gives me fantastic access to the landscapes that I love best – fields, forests, rocky sea cliffs, little woodland glades. Wales is a land seeped in magic… A land of rich poetry, beautiful songs, a painful past and a hopeful future. You cannot fail to be inspired by its people and its legacy, by its primitive and starkly beautiful landscape. The beauty of such surroundings greatly influences my creative photography works and provides me with the atmospheric locations necessary for the rustic, dreamy, and visually stunning pictures that I am so drawn to as a photographer.


It is my goal to capture the magic of my children’s childhoods specifically, but also to capture the nostalgia of childhood generally. I want to create children photography images that anyone can look upon and have some part of themselves or their inner child connect with it on some level. To me, that is the real magic of photography.

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May I keep him?

By the moon light

The face off

Farm boy


Nature’s children

Forest ballerina

New friendships




Winter nights

Enchanted garden

Frosty mornings


Gathering his herd


Flying with daddy

End of childhood

Early farm mornings


Stillness of the morning

Peek-a-boo bear

A country childhood


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