The new creative baby and maternity photo shoots (a few can be found here and here) coming out this season continue to impress us. The latest in a recent flurry of excellent photo shoots is The Magic Show, in which Anthony Stuart and his lovely associate (and wife) create a baby out of thin air.

The shoot is set up to look like a traditional magic show, with Stuart in a magician’s getup and his wife dressed in a racy assistant’s outfit. The couple’s sense of humor is what makes the series to fun – the wife looks surprised (or shocked) at the baby inside of her, while the dad looks proud of his work. He then completes the trick by pulling their little “rabbit” out of the “hat.”

Stuart has got other staged pictures with and without his daughter as well – there’s one where she’s dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and another where he hunts his businessman friend in the woods with a pile of cheeseburgers.

If you’re digging the creative baby photos, you’ll love some of these series – these photos by creative parents Patrice Laroche, Dave Engledow, Adele Emersen, Emil Nystrom and Sophie Starzenski are as creative as they are diverse.

Source: Anthony Stuart