Hey humans, I’m Lord Wellington, but there’s no need for formalities. You can just call me Wellie. I’m a one-year-old Persian kitten with a stylish, fuzzy hairdo, sparkling hazel eyes and a moustache that smells like tuna pâté today.

Before you start to wonder, the answer is yes – I am a natural redhead! And although I was born with an upside down smile, don’t be fooled, I purr songs for my humans to let them know I’m a happy little guy!

I love my new family and have a few other furry roommates. Before adopting my humans, I had a bit of a rough past. A Vancouver cat rescue organization (thanks VOKRA!!) saved my life when they found me looking skinny, malnourished, matted and in poor health. With the help of a wonderful foster family, I recovered quickly, started loving life again and found my forever home!

Nowadays I work full-time as a professional cute cat, tuna connoisseur and a hobbyist napper. In fact, I have my own paparazzi who chases me around with a camera snapping photos while I think of creative ways to get into trouble.

You should come check out my adventures on my Facebook page: “Lord Wellington the Cat.” All humans, cats and even dogs are welcome.


More info: Facebook

Persian veggie salad

Lord Wellington, king of the jungle

Monday morning hair, don’t judge me

Look at this innocent face! Does it look like I’d dip it into a warm, homemade, delicious soup?!

Testing out what a burrito feels like. Cozy, but slightly claustrophobic.

Professional napper

Oh hello, humans!

Hey, handsome! You look familiar