Breakups are hard. They hurt even more if your significant other breaks things off over social media, publicly. This happened to a stand up comedian from Johnson City, Tennessee, who hit up Long John Silver’s in one of his tweets, suggesting that one can only visit the fast food restaurant every six months, or else one dies. Well, Long John Silver’s didn’t take long to reply and the Twitter conversation quickly escalated into a messy, but hilarious breakup. (Facebook cover image: Hunter StandUp)

This is Hunter Roberts – a comedian who has become known for his infamous breakup with a fast food restaurant

Image credits: Robert Hunter

One day Hunter tweeted about having a meal at Long John Silver’s

And they didn’t take too long to reply

But probably no one expected that the chat over Twitter would turn into an emotional turmoil

After being given the ‘silent treatment’ from the Long John Silver’s, Hunter hit them below the belt

But it might be that Hunter later realized he had made a mistake… because he hit up Long John Silver’s again

But John is not one to take it easily

Eventually, Hunter backed down and admitted his mistake