Lisa was just another common, black stray dog when she was found a rainy day sitting alone and scared on a pavement. She was all wet and her back was burned. Who knows by what or whom. It was an ugly and big burn and It must have hurt a lot until the recovery.
As she was only 2 months when she was found, born in November, she could not be taken to a shelter. Besides, she needed to recover. So a volunteer fostered her until she finds a warm home. This girl had already adopted 3 other big dogs, from a shelter.

At that time, me and my husband wanted to have a puppy. We always loved animals but never took the chance as we were living in an apartment. We preferred a small dog, as it would be better for us and the dog itself. Fortunately my parents live in a village in a house with a big yard, located in a beautiful valley. So, that would be a great escape for her.

So, I informed one of our city’s shelters that I wanted to adopt a puppy, as in Cyprus we have a huge problem with stray dogs and the shelters all constantly full. They immediately told me about her, about Lisa, so I went to visit her with my husband. We stood in a corner of the house watching. Although she seemed to be through a lot she had a lot of energy and happiness inside her. She was also brave, eating from the same bowl with the big dogs, trying to squeeze between them. I went near her, I touched her and I realized that she was my dog. She looked like me. Black skin, brown eyes and a lot of energy and braveness.
Growing up we have found out that Lisa among others, loves water very very much. She even plays with her bowl of drinking water making bubbles with her mouth or putting her legs inside. She loves to get wet and she loves to swim.
And although she eventually got really big as she is a Labrador – cross, we don’t mind at all.

Just look at the below video and share her happiness. She is running like crazy inside and out the sea, playing with waves.