A little more than a year ago I published an article on Bored Panda about my Fools With Dreams project, which helped me tremendously towards this point. From here it got picked up by other major sites (Huff Post,..) and magazines (Digital Camera World,..)

For 365 days I lived from trading. In exchange for people providing me with a bed and food for a couple of days, I would thank them by photographing something for them, and capturing the experience along the way.

The photos I made and stories of those I traded with have culminated into a book. The Fools With Dreams Book is a 250+ page, enduring accessible record of what and how I saw for a year, accompanied by interviews with the fools I met and short essays about life along the way. An intimate glimpse into the life of a photographer, and as such, into the life and dreams of the 62 fools in the book.

I can honestly say that it got a huge boost from Bored Panda, so I thought it appropriate to bring it back here. To create a first edition print run I’m doing a Kickstarter campaign.

More info: foolswithdreams.com

A Video About The Fools With Dreams Book