I have created “The In-boxed” project to show that thinking “out of the box” is not enough. You need to stop living in it and passing it on to next generations.

We all live in a box.

Carry it around, wondering how to make our box differ from another’s.

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We have our mind handed to us in a square device. Distracted by the blue sky it’s showing we miss the storm that’s coming our way

The borders drawn on the sand by someone else are our prison

The ocean will wash it away or the wind will wipe off the marking but we will keep standing where we are, limited but what we can’t even see anymore, but are just used to

Walking around, we are mere reflections of others opinions and beliefs. Who will you be if i say you can be anyone?

We are trying to connect, reaching out from one box to another

But how can we, when we are trapped inside the box? Not seeing each other, not showing ourselves

How can we? When we are taught this way. Brought up this way

We are raised in a system which standardises learning, even though each child is different. A system that tells us there is only one way to look at things, only the set process or chaos. Our creativity is killed before we even know it is there. Our creativity is being told it’s wrong or different.

Boxes have become the only thing we know. Boxes have become what we teach the new generations. Generations after generations. New packaging, same boxes