Kitty is one of two cats my wife adopted way before we got married, but kitty is an special cat. Not because she was rescued from the streets, but because she has some trauma that doesn’t allow her to trust us or any other people.

She has had a lot of progress in the last few months, you can see she enjoys to be around, but still doesn’t feel fully comfortable when you try to pet her, but we are working on it.

I decided to start taking pictures of her with my smartphone as a way to document her life and moments when she seems to enjoy herself. This is kitty!!

Loving the Christmas lights

Searching for the morning sun

Evening nap on top of the big book

Trying the new pillow

Watching (The Meru) documentary

Exercise partner for the day

She is a great sport when it comes to watch late night TV

Sometimes the movies are just too bad to stay awake

Waking up on a sunny day

Night cuddles with Rico (Our 2nd Cat)

Aren’t we watching a movie tonight?