There are a few things most kids have in common: they love to color on virtually anything, cardboard is a material that enhances their creativity, and they grow out of their furniture faster than the latest smartphone goes out of style.

With this is mind, we created Kids Imagination Furniture to bridge the gap between creativity and functionality in a way that’s also environmentally friendly. Our flat-pack furniture is designed to be light, strong, simple-to-assemble, and most importantly, recyclable.

The desk is equipped with tabs that when paired with the assembly tools, turns into a surface for DIY attachments and accessories. The outer pieces are reversible, meaning kids can color all over one side, then flip the pieces inside out and go again. Of course, no desk is complete without cubbies to store your pencils, pens, and favorite stuffed animals.

The furniture will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter until March 27th.

More info: Kickstarter

The first piece of furniture kids are actually encouraged to draw on

The furniture is simple to assemble and the pieces snap together easily

You can transform the furniture into anything – even an elephant

The Kids Imagination Chair can hold over 500 lbs

The Cardboard Guys are three recent grads from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo