I took these images over 7 different sessions from Jan.4th to Jan. 31st at the famed surf break on the north shore of Maui called Jaws to most of us, but Pe’ahi to all Hawaiians.
This El Nino winter has been one that may be spoken of for years to come in the surfing world. With a record number of Jaws swells this season including Friday, January 15th which has been dubbed “the day of days”, “The Eddie” did go for only the 10th time in its 31 year history, and for its inaugural run, the Titans of Mavericks also went off without a hitch.

This Big Wave season has lived up to and beyond all of its expectations. Over the month of January I think I took over 20,000 images out at Pe’ahi, from dusk to dawn surf sessions from the Cliff over-looking Jaws.

My goal, (being a sports/portrait photographer from Toronto, Ontario and had never really shot surfing prior to this winter session on Maui) was to create something different outside of the traditional surf shots I had seen over the years. New eyes sometimes brings new images, and I would like to think that I did so with these B&W images.

Pe’ahi is one of those special places on earth where mortal meets folklore, where men go into the water, and come as legends. I hope that within these images you also witness their transformation.

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Josh Redman-Jan.15.16

Unknown-Jan. 28.16

Kai Lenny-Jan.15.16

Francisco Porcella-Jan.15.16

Connor Baxter-Jan.15.16

Josh Redman-Jan.15.16


Lapo Coutinho-Jan.10.16

Paige Alms-Jan.10.16

Josh Redman-Jan.15.16

Shane Dorian-Jan.15.16

Tyler Larronde-Jan.15.16

Brad Domke-Jan.15.16

Kai Lenny-Jan.15.16

Josh Redman-Jan.15.16

Kai Lenny-Jan.27.16

Albee Layer-Jan.28.16

Josh Redman-Jan.28.16

Organized Chaos-Jan.28.16

Mo Freitas

Ian Walsh