Love is my favorite topic. I love to surround myself with hearts and quotes, which elevate my mood and vibes. Using hearts as a tool of art has changed my life and the way I look at the world.

Reminding yourself that you have to love yourself, is essential to have better relationships.

Knowing that love is the most important factor in our lives helps me to focus on the things that matter. To live in the moment…and of course, to enjoy my food as much as it is possible.

I’ve dedicated my life to discover what love really means. For me, it is a principle not only an emotion. It’s not only about romantic love but compassion, passion, and helping others.

My Instagram account @drlillabee represents my views. My dishes a vegan, healthy, and hearty. For the love for myself, the planet, and others.

Be love.

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Lovely vegan scramble

Hearty Nutella toasts

Ice cream and almond butter toast

Rice and veggie burgers for your heart


Fruit, yogurt, and puppy love

Ginger juice has my heart

Who doesn’t love healthy pizza with bacon?

Pasta-love with chickpeas and avocado

Chocolate spread

This is for my love for Marmite

Floating islands of love