I’m Marc-O-Matic and I’m a Multidisciplinary Artist, Animator and Storyteller from Victoria, Australia.

I’ve always had a fascination for storytelling and over the last two years I’ve been teaching myself AR and VR in the hopes to push the boundaries of my creative expression and explore more innovative and exciting ways to tell stories.

I create all these works independently so I sort of have to wear two different hats. Being both the Artist and Technologist, I juggle everything from creating the stories, the artworks, animations as well as integrating the functionality behind the experiences.

I think the terms VR and AR have generally been associated within the realms of video games, but they can also be used by creatives to tell stories in ways that let’s audiences become part of the narrative. Whether using VR headsets or mobile devices, audiences are able to jump into a world of my own making and engage in what’s going on around them as the story unravels. As an independent creator it’s exciting to see audiences get lost with intrigue in your own creations.

It’s been an overwhelming year showcasing my AR art collection both on a local and and international level and in the next year I’m hoping to expand into more interactive based AR art and will soon be sharing more developments on my very own Interactive AR and Illustrated picture book. I am also working on my second installment of my VR animated series called the ‘Junk Age.’ :)

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The Hovering Meowtropolis, a crowd favourite

‘4 Seasons in one day’ comes alive at Melbourne State Library, Knowledge Week 2017

Audiences from a few of my exhibitions this year

My AR Artworks are all hand drawn with ballpoint pen and ink wash

Artworks come alive from the canvas when you view them with mobile devices or tablets

The Melbourne Tram Limbo