Since I was a little girl I`ve always loved colors. The more I have the better I feel. Using this Anime fashion style, gives me the option to show the world the beauty of many colors together.

It took me hours to figure out how to express what I want, and for over a month of shooting and retouching these photos.

This production was created from assessment to the Japanese culture and in particular to the Anime fashion that accelerating in the last few years.

The pastel colors along with the dominant ones, creates the illusion of rainbow, a Pinker world.

I chose to show a similar but different looks that  gives a diversity of options to the audience, in order to inspire as many tastes as I can.

I hope you like this.


Photography : Lihi Adel Hasson

Make-up & Hair : Natalie Levin

Styling : Miss Sunshine TLV

Model : Topaz Arbell

More info: Facebook