Marcello Manca is a rare example of manual artist in the Photoshop age: though his process includes a digital imaging phase, most of the work involves constructing his special supports with canvas, wood, jute, cardboard and other materials (such as newspaper clippings), getting dirty with acrylic and oil, and hitting the streets with his beloved Nikon.

In his unique approach to mixed media, Manca blends painting and photography while superimposing images, materials and techniques. The result is a series of mesmerizing portraits, infused with a sensually sleek and urban feel, that seem to wander towards allegory and blur the line between subject and background.

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Prague Palindromes N.18



Alena – Tunnel

Prague Palindromes N.3 – Dancing Soul

BCN Airport – Terminal 1

News of the World

Prague Palindromes N. 36

Angels (Moscow)

Prague Palindromes N.7

Prague Palindromes N.9

Prague Palindromes N.30

Renata’s Window

Untarnished Soul


Tanya’s River

Prague Palindromes N.41

La Volta Buona