‘If Coco Chanel had made women masculine, now is the time to return them to femininity’

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An illustrator by training, Rita designs jewellery in the technique of glassy polymer called Liquid Stained Glass, which she has developped by herself. The craftswoman creates the works by hand according to her own sketches. Each piece is truly unique. The technique recreated by the designer on her own way is Plique-a-Jour, French for "letting daylight in ". Alloys of noble metals, precious and semi-precious stones are used here.

The only worker of the jewelry atelier, Rita performs all steps of jewellery making and captures the process herself, without assistants’ help. Even the very mixture of polymers is produced by the artist, without revealing the secret of the compound. The works by Rita are already in collections of fashion lovers from England, France, Germany, Serbia, Latvia, Spain, Israel, Australia.

‘I try to work as laborious as possible, finer. In a word — meticulously! In fact, it is a miniature version of stained-glass windows and is technically considered as a very difficult task. The dimensions of miniature buds and inflorescence elements are detailed’.

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