Maternity, breastfeeding and family photographer Ivette Ivens, who took the media by storm with her mesmerizing breastfeeding and baby photographs, adds a new project to her collection called “Generations”.

The new project is an ode to her family and portrays the genuine bond that grandparents and grandchildren share. “Now that I live in a different continent than my parents do, my family and I get to see them only once year. My parents are older and every time I see them I can’t help myself but wonder: Will I’ll be lucky enough to see them again next year?”, says Ivens when asked about the inspiration behind her new project. The photographer adds: “I feel so blessed that my children are able to experience the everlasting love and guidance of grandparents. It’s so important and life changing, really.”

In order to preserve the happy memories, Ivette used her impressive photography skills that allowed her to create heartwarming images. “I’ve always found beauty in photos that are organic and sincere – when you look at them ten or twenty years from now, no matter how much you’ve changed or where life took you, you can relive that moment and feel exactly what you felt years ago at that exact minute. Children and elders are the perfect subject for these type of photos as they don’t pay attention to me clicking away with my camera which allows me to capture those real genuine moments”, adds Ivens.

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