My name is Melissa Ramirez, I am from Panama City, Panama. “Imagino” characters are an ongoing project I’ve started late last year.

The idea came from a brief thought I had, making something spontaneous, using water to collaborate in the process. I started by painting shapes with water onto the paper, randomly adding colors to the water and letting it dry. The color paint moved, mixed and blend while drying. Once it was dry, an image appeared, very different to what I started with. I would look at the image, then draw with pen what I saw, as I saw it. I wanted the process to be freestyle and almost non-stop. I made one character and found myself with more, as I enjoyed so much.

Imaginos are made with watercolor paint on 300 gsm watercolor paper, black and white pens, love and imagination. Paper size varies from A5, A4 and A3. My goal is to continue with the project until I have enough characters for a printed book. Enjoy!

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