Last year pandas entered the amazing world of The Golden Apple – a mystical, folklore-inspired fantasy of epic proportions. Our courageous heroine, Vihra, who is a half human and half Zmei storm spirit, embarks on an exciting journey in search of the Golden Apple – a magical fruit that is said to grant a wish to the one, who finds it. With the help of her diverse, charismatic companions – the Samodiva nymph Tina and the brothers Bran and Vlad, who are trained Kuker spirit warriors, she will enter an adventure of a lifetime, win you over and maybe even stop the impending war, brewing between the humans and the spirits.

Here’s what happened to the colourful bunch in the past year.

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Here are our favorite imaginary friends. Did you know that this is the first ever project for an animated series, based on Balkan legends and folklore?

It was an epic year for these courageous guys.

A short origin movie came out. It tells an enchanted story from the world of The Golden Apple.

People like our fantasy friends so much that they decided to paint them on a wall at a busy underpass.

We got a glimpse of the Golden Apple universe. The trailer of the series introduces us to the magical adventure Vihra, Tina, Bran and Vlad set on.

There is even fan art. Here is a picture of Vihra by the lovely Iliana Petrova.

There are books for the youngest kukers.

However, our pals need all the help that they can get. Let’s support them on Indie Go Go.