I am an Australian photographic artist currently obsessed with creating mixed media artworks of real pressed flowers over my photographs.

My photographs often explore various objects, landscapes or places that inspire or resonate with me. Constantly seeking balance in the world, I present my view of life & death by exploring concepts such as light & dark, ying & yang in a whimsical yet sometimes haunting way.

I wanted to bring back a sense of craftsmanship to my work, and create one off pieces that are bespoke, that involve my love for photography, collage and craft, but also my love for the environment. By doing so, I collect, press or purchase pressed flowers, and then glue them to printed photographs. Once completed, I preserve the original artwork within an antique, vintage or pre-loved frame. Recycling picture frames is not only my way of helping the environment, but it also gives the artwork a sense of nostalgia or prestige, much like classic paintings or even insect taxidermy collections.

Nature is my biggest inspiration, and by creating these artworks, I hope to bring awareness to the importance of caring for and preserving the environment.

More info: phoebehofsteede.com

Cow Skull

Possum Skull

Flower Crown Skull

Rib Cage and Flowers

Skull and Flowers


Fairy’s Garden

Mushroom Cluster

Fly Trap

Presgrave Place

Zinnia Tea

The Pass Byron Bay

Forest Magic