Heyo! I'm a gay guy, living in Cape Town, South Africa, and I draw comics with pencil and paper about how I don't know anything.

I call myself a gay idiot, because I know that I do stupid things all the time, but I want to afford myself the chance to learn from my experiences. The only way I really learn is by falling flat on my face and picking myself up again.

On Instagram (and social media in general) there is an overload of gay guys who live seemingly perfect lives: perfect body, perfect boyfriend/husband, and awesome social life. There are even gay bears who fit this mould (different body type, but still super desirable).

Even though I don't mind looking at them (I love me a hairy gay bear), I never felt like I really fit into that world, even though I really want to. My life isn't perfect: My body is a hairy potato, I struggle with dating, I drink too much sometimes, and I'm awkward AF!

I post a comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Hope you like them!!

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#1 Baby Talk!

Baby Talk!


#2 Self-confidence (or Lack Thereof)

Self-confidence (or Lack Thereof)


#3 Dancing In The Club

Dancing In The Club


PyroarRanger 8 months ago

that's me lol

#4 Loner Behaviour

Loner Behaviour


UniversalMel 1 year ago

Me around anyone

#5 Smooth Moves...

Smooth Moves...


#6 Relapse (every Month)

Relapse (every Month)


#7 Try Again Ad Infinitum

Try Again Ad Infinitum


#8 Stressr (or Why Modern Dating Sucks For Me)

Stressr (or Why Modern Dating Sucks For Me)


#9 Ghosting



#10 Drunk Dancing

Drunk Dancing


#11 You Are Not Alone...

You Are Not Alone...

This comic is extremely personal to me. Especially when I drew the one above, I had just finished an exceptionally difficult week, both in terms of studies, my health, and my emotional well-being. I'm very hard on myself sometimes. It just seems that no matter what I do, I just ruin everything. Sometimes I feel so so alone in a world that seems to be laughing in my face... No matter what you are going through, just please know that you're NOT alone!!


SriGanesh.Ninja 1 year ago

Good Comics !

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#12 Being Noticed...

Being Noticed...


#13 Under Pressure!

Under Pressure!


#14 Casual Conversation

Casual Conversation


Lex 1 year ago

Nailed it👍

#15 Desert Love Life

Desert Love Life


#16 Straight Or Gay??

Straight Or Gay??