I’ve been cosplaying for around 2 years now (mostly making stupid “musical.lys” out of them), and I’ve recently began trying out SFX. They’re both my main hobbies now and I love becoming characters that are close to my heart! I hope that I’ll keep cosplaying and improving for years to come.

“Napstabot” from a fan AU of Undertale

My 2017 halloween costume, Itward from Fran Bow

Second time trying SFX, using tissues, “mod podge”, black face paint, and fake blood. This is “Horrorstuck Gamzee”, a version of Gamzee from Homestuck

The first time I attempted SFX. This is clay, scotch tape, black face paint, and fake blood I made. This is “Dio” from Mad Father. (Sorry for the poor quality, it’s a screenshot from a video I made)

Mettaton from Undertale (I wore this to “Dragoncon”)

Gamzee Makara from Homestuck (my personal favorite character to cosplay)

“Alice Angel” from “Bendy and the Ink Machine”

A glamorous skeleton? I’m not sure, but it was fun to paint.

“Horrorstuck” Kurloz Makara. First time using actual fake blood and scar wax.

Closer view of the Kurloz SFX. Those are actual office staples I cut and bent to “stitch my mouth together”

Frostbitten SFX, using mod podge, eyeshadows, fake blood, a bit of glitter, and sugar. Literal sugar.