Our moon is a pretty big object. It’s big enough to be a respectable planet in its own right, if it were orbiting the sun instead of the Earth. The Moon is a quarter the diameter of the Earth. Only Pluto has a satellite that is larger, in proportion to the size of the planet it orbits.


The moon is around 240,000 miles away from the Earth.


Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and would appear to be the same size as the moon.


The red planet is almost exactly twice the size of the Moon, so it would appear twice as big in the Earth’s sky.


Venus is three and a half times larger than the Moon and would be six times brighter and is the hottest planet, with surface temperatures over 400 degrees.


Neptune is more than 14 times larger than the Moon would be an enormous blue sphere in the night sky.


Uranus is about 14 times larger than the moon and would look like this.


Saturn is about 35 times larger than the Moon and the rings would stretch nearly from horizon to horizon.


Jupiter is 40 times larger than the Moon and is so huge we’d not be able to see the north and south poles of the planet.