“Architectonics” is a series dedicated to architecture and the shapes that are around us every day. I wanted to photograph this in grayscale to really capture the shapes and the marble of the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York without any distractions.

*I posted a video along with my photography because I wanted all of you to view the artists along with the photography so it gives you a glimpse of how my art and photography has been therapeutic behind how my work has changed in the past several years due to a drunk driver hitting me. I hope it helps so you have a better understanding of what I do. Thank you for your time.*

I have lived in Albany, NY nearly my whole life and I wanted to photograph it from a different angle that we don’t traditionally notice. I made a conscious effort to take these photographs without any people in them so we can study what’s around us. It’s absolutely stunning the work and craftsmanship that goes into making these majestic buildings. I photographed these with my Nikon D600 and edited it in Adobe Lightroom CC. Due to the editing, it’s a bit hard to tell but, it was a bright sunny day around 3 pm on February 2018. Thank you for your time!

More info: adrianoINK.com

Adriano Rodrigues: The Journey

My name is Adriano Rodrigues and I wanted to share with you my personal journey of how a car accident changed my life for the better and for the worse. This video-interview helps me articulate with all of you how my art and photography helped me cope with such a horrific accident. It helped shape me as an artist and if you understand the artist, I think it helps you appreciate their work and the mindset behind the art.