Everything what I create today, it becomes important tomorrow. Art is the most important thing today.

It’s sad that today more and more people are running from the art. World without Art is just gray, dull and worthless.

One day, people will start to buy my art and I will understand that people do care about.

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Cry For My Roses, 2016

The Floral Night, 2014

Run From This Place, 2015

Too Hard To Be A Chameleon, 2016

The Lilac Time, 2015

Tree Of Wishes, 2013

Which Face Do You Choose Today? 2014

Venice, 2015

The Sea Is Calling Me, 2013

The Old Church, 2013

Poppy, 2014

Life Is Full Of Difficulties, 2013

The Calm Sea, 2014

Tree Of Life, 2012

Poppy 2, 2014

Self-Portrait About Love & Risk, 2015