“Last clean air on Earth” is the first of the series of images that have been brewing in my head for a while now. This idea sparked when I saw a statue made by an amazing artist Will Ferreira. Seeing this statue of an apocalyptic character sucking the air out of the last tree on Earth I could almost hear it calling me to do my own version of it.

The vision in my head was about a posh rich upper class woman wearing decorated nasal cannula and holding a glass orb, and inside that orb would be some sort of a plant, dying slowly but still generating some air to breath. The woman should look like she is already sick because of the pollution and from the background you could see that the end of the planet is near.

I think the more interesting part is why I did this. The short answer would be “because I can, and because I want to”. These projects are my hobby; something that I love to do. Importantly, with my own projects I can test methods and styles I would not dare to try with a client for the first time. With successful projects I can also show my future clients what can be done, as it is almost impossible to explain a vision without showing an example of the style first. Lastly, an image can be a powerful way to tell a story, and with my own projects I have a chance to affect people, maybe even spark a thought. Like with this image, where I wanted to show one alternative reality where the current global environmental changes might be taking this precious world of ours. Although still fictional, I think we can all agree we wouldn’t want to end up fighting for the last clean air on Earth…

More info: anttikarppinen.com

Last Clean Air On Earth

Finding the right model for this image was easy, as I have worked with my trusted model Laura many times before and I knew that she could bring my vision into real life.

Closeup Of The Image

To help her with that, I collected a pinterest board of the ideas for the makeup and dress, and headed for a shopping trip to search for the missing elements.

Closeup Of The Plant That Looked Like A Person, I Called Her Gaia

As I was looking for the right plant to put inside the orb, I found this amazing plant from IKEA that looked like a person. I named the plant Gaia (the primal Greek goddess of the Earth) and trusted that she would breath life into the image.

Portrait Of Laura Feeling Kind Of Sick!

Makeup By Laura Puntila

Amazing Gaia Plant And The Orb

After getting everything on the list and finding the right day for the photoshoot with Laura, the rest was searching for the visual elements for the background and editing it all together to fit my vision. I won’t go deep into the editing process with this post, but I will put a video where you can see how the image was formed from the different elements.

Testing Out The Gear For Photoshoot

How It Was Made