Artists are collectors. When my pressed flower collection grew really big, I felt I had to do something creative with it. Arranging and sticking them on a piece of paper was not enough. I didn't want herbarium-like pictures. Why not adding a little bit of colour?

This is how I started making landscapes by using dried pressed material of Greek flora (flowers, leaves, moss, twigs, bark, seaweed etc.) combined with painting (watercolour, pastel or chalk media).

I transform these materials into something different, using their natural colours and unusual shapes as an inspiration. I 'm constantly in search of new natural materials and I collect them in small quantities, always with great respect for any endangered species. All dried materials are left in their natural colours.

I also make the antiqued frames and the handmade paper you can see in some of my paintings.

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I Use Dried Pressed Plants And Painting To Create Original Artworks

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Phaedra Gorgon 1 year ago

It's so rustic. Pretty!