I've never had been an art student. But I've always had a connection with it. When I was a kid, I used to make any kind of objects to play with. Later, I've become a professional handicrafter and make my living selling my work to tourists in the streets of my hometown, Lisbon. Small objects crafted in bamboo or clay, painted stones, leather shoes and wear, jewelry, all kind of things made with materials I'd find a way to recycle.

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That's a kind of leaving that has become impossible many time ago so I have to get a job! And I did have many in my country and abroad, like so many Portuguese people I had to rely in emigration.

2008 came, and with it the economic crisis big bite. I was in Barcelona, had a nice job and a good life. I was on my fifties when I lost my job. From there until now I've never had a real job, just some work now and then... and I found out that I can't do no more hard physical work anymore. I'm getting to old for that.

So, I thought... back to the beginning! Just grab my coffee paintings and get back to the street, try to selling them to the tourists.

Will it save me from this bad situation? What do you think about that?

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