Although snails are often overlooked or considered “icky”, I was always a huge fan of them. When I got a Giant African Land Snails as pets, I became completely obsessed with their beautiful shells and cute slimy faces. My husband would come home to find me sprawled on the floor with my DSLR, constructing mini photo sets with colored paper, mirrors, plants and other props. Here’s the result.

More info:

What type of snail are you supposed to be???

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Fall colors make the best photo set!

Just a snail on a skateboard, move along now.

“I’m the king of the world!”

Studies show that a glass of red wine = an hour at the gym…

Home is where the snails are

Snail baby – does his tiny heart beat faster than the clock ticks?

Peekaboo – I see you!

Magic mushrooms? Oh my!

Snail speed – how many words per minute?

Snails come in all sizes, shapes and colors! Like cherries… and people.

Reflecting on his skateboarding tricks ;)

A mushroom for his royal highness!

There’s skateboarding dogs, so why not snails?


A positive outlook on life is everything.

There’s ghost writers and then there’s snail writers…

Little dictator ruling his kingdom from above.

More fall colors

How did we get in here?

The whole gang together

Queen SnailBee!