For centuries, religion provided us with the central story of our world.

The big book told us how to act, how to dress, how to talk; it was the story we used as our guide through life.

In current times, it’s a different story we tell ourselves. Through media exposure, pop-idols and celebrities have ascended to near godlike status.

They show us a polished vision of the grandeur of what man can be. They tell us how to act, how to interact with each other, the words we should use, the goals we should set ourselves, the life we’re supposed to aspire to have.

But behind the building blocks of this carefully constructed image is a person. Just a person. A regular human being like you and me, who happens to be in a certain position, who is presented through various means as something greater, something transcendent, iconic, godlike. Man made god.

This series of paintings titled “Apostles” combines history with contemporary portraits. Religious works from art history are used as a starting point to inform the rest of the painting. Through color, shape and subject they are brought into the current day.

It shows a reflection of some of the driving force behind society, and how that relates to our past.

Collectively they ask the question, “How human are today’s gods?”

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