Anxiety effects people everywhere and those who are affected by it often think they’re alone or can’t really talk about it. Because it is a difficult topic and I really wanted to share what I was feeling with others without making it awkward, I turned my feelings into these light-hearted comics that normalise the notion of having an ‘Inner Demon’ inside the character. I tried to depict how she feels because of that side of her in apparently normal situations. I uploaded one comic strip every week.

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Chapter 1 – How to Scare a Demon

Chapter 2 – How to Keep Your Demon Calm

Ditch the Coffee and Disconnect.

Chapter 3 – Friend In Need

Moral of the story – Be charitable without expecting anything in return.

Chapter 4 – Dog Days

When the going gets tough and the Sun is hot, its time for ice cream.

Chapter 5 – Mindfulness

Haters will hate.

Chapter 6 – Heavy

A nap sounds good.

Chapter 7 – Demon Vs Society


Norms, you cray.

Chapter 8 – Labels

Once you free yourself, use your freedom well. Don’t be like me. All I did was turn into a meme face.