I am a coffee lover and i love diy. Since three years i fell in love with Nespresso Coffee, my husband tried to convince me to buy a normal coffee machine as he dislike the idea that Nespresso machine produces quite a lot of trash. But the machine is still working very well after three years, i try to postpone it by telling him that i would by a normal machine if this one is broken. Under the pressure of producing so much trash, I got the idea to turn all these coffee capsules into these beautiful Earrings. It turns out to be such a great idea.

More info: junipar.de

The Aluminium Capsules have different colors

and the Limited Editions even have beautiful patterns

I buy the pearls and beads from every where, in abroad, flea market, accessories stores

I know about Bored Pande while repainting this European Robin from the painting of Karolina Kijak with watercolor.