Getting more and more accustomed to casual drone photography I’ve started experimenting with some unusual effects. What I did is bought 3 quite cheap filters, removed the filter rings and attached filter glass to the drone lens. This brought me some unusual images as well as videos. Everything drone sees is tripled or even quadrupled and it looks quite interesting.

There are downsides though. First of all, this modification results in severe image quality degradation (less in video). Two filters are made of a thick glass so drone’s gimbal gets overloaded and cannot maintain horizontal level at all. Only one filter can be used 90% of time without problems. Also, stiching panoramas become a hard work, since the program cannot find control points to stitch two images together. Moreover, not every scene looks great while using the filter because it may look just unrecognizable and messy. In my opinion, the effect looks better while shooting roundabouts, general roads and some buildings.

Still, I am happy to share some images just to prove that there are no limits to your imagination.

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